Chances are when you were a kid, any records you set were along the lines of 'Most disgusting food combination possible between two slices of bread' or 'Most toys left all over the floor.'

One little boy from Ocean County is being much more productive, setting the U.S. record for fastest half-marathon time!

half marathon record
Anthony Russo of Jackson shattered the U.S. half-marathon record for his age last weekend. (WCBS-TV)

Anthony Evan Russo of Jackson recently completed the Trenton Half-Marathon.

His time? 2:22:25. His age? 5.

That's a 40 minutes faster than the last time a 5-year-old set that record.

I couldn't run a half-marathon now as an adult, let alone do it at a record-setting pace.

Evan began running with his mom last year, and she got the okay from Anthony's pediatrician and a sports podiatrist before they started doing such long-distance runs.

He reportedly trains 5 days a week, telling WCBS-TV that crossing the finish line 'made me feel happy.'

This kid is awesome, just look at his hair. Way to go, Anthony!

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