If you're like most people, it's not easy to get a workout routine started, but if you need inspiration, it might do the trick.

Maybe you want to lose weight, or feel more comfortable in your bathing suit. Maybe you need to start working out for health reasons. Whatever your goals, getting started is always the tough part.

Maybe Harriette Thompson's story might be just what you need to get inspired. You see, Harriette has just completed her 16th marathon. She is a two time cancer survivor, and oh, by the way, Harriet Thompson is 92 years old.

Harriette is now the oldest woman in history to complete a marathon, according to abcnews.go.com. Harriette finished a recent marathon in North Carolina in  7 hours,  7 minutes 42 seconds, which by the way is a world record for a woman over 90.

Harriette says this will be her last marathon, but she says her friends have reminded her she says that every year. What a great story from an inspiring woman. This story just might get all my fellow couch potatoes up and running. I hope so!