So this Saturday, I was met with an alarming image.

Picture this: I wake up for a lazy Saturday. I order a bacon, egg and cheese on a plain bagel with salt, pepper, ketchup along with a mini orange juice for mimosas because, well...DUH!

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The food arrives and I assume the position on the couch only to find....

loading... sandwich was SWIMMING in ketchup. Like you want some bacon with that ketchup?

Confession: I was so hungry that I scraped the ketchup off of one half and ate it before taking the photo. Okay sew me....I was a hungry Jersey girl. And yes, eventually the ketchup was scraped off of the other half and it was eaten. 

No, I will not be disclosing which Jersey Shore business this came from.

Instead, I think we should all use this as a learning opportunity of the proper way to apply salt, pepper and ketchup to a sandwich because that is a huge part of our breakfast culture.

A shake of salt, a shake of pepper and then only a circle's worth of ketchup seems like more than enough to me.

Anymore than that and you are basically ruining whatever sandwich you have ordered because these condiments are supposed to compliment the sandwich's flavor, not overpower it.

Let's get this skill perfected by this upcoming Summer because I will not deal with North Jersey folks feeling like they have to educate us on how to properly execute a New Jersey tradition.

Remember....a dash of salt, a dash of pepper and one circle of ketchup.

I hope you take these suggestions seriously and have a lovely salt, pepper and ketchup-filled day!

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