Here's a little holiday reminder to all my fellow shoppers this holiday season. If Santa sees you when you're sleeping and all that, I'm pretty sure he's watching you in the parking lot too.

I was at the home improvement store this weekend and people were treating parking spots like they were made of precious metal. I get it. It was raining, and nobody wants to walk in the rain. But are we really rolling out of bed on a December morning to slam on our brakes, lean on our horns and say things that can't be repeated in Christmas cards?

I literally saw people floor it to get near a car that some poor customer with bags was walking past. When the customer didn't get in the car, the driver who raced to get there raised his hands as if to say "What's wrong with you?" Hey buddy, it wasn't his car!

Not that I'm making excuses for some of this ridiculous behavior, but I do think it's just that we all have so much to do and every minute seems so valuable that we get a little wrapped up in it, and we start acting in a way we're not exactly proud of.

Here's an idea...make believe Santa is watching. Or maybe a cop or your boss or whatever it takes. Or at least remember that you're probably on camera. Then maybe you won't be getting mad at someone for not getting into a car that's not theirs just because you want the parking spot.

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