Have you seen those sarcastic, snarky road signs displayed around New Jersey?

How could you miss them? They have honestly been giving me life.


A few of my favorites include:

"Ziti is the only thing that should be baked."
"Hold on to your butts. Help prevent forest fires"
"Hocus Pocus drive with focus"
"Don't cruise when boozed"
"Slow down. This ain't Thunder Road"
"Nice car, did it come with a turn signal?"
"Get your head out of your apps"

Amazing. Pure artwork and whoever came up with these deserves the biggest raise and promotion.

It just gives the state of New Jersey a bit more pizzazz on top of our overwhelming attitude.

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Well, I have bad news and it comes from NBCPhiladelphia.com.

Apparently it is illegal to be sarcastic and snarky in New Jersey because the government demanded that these signs come down.

attachment-wall twp sign

This came from the Federal Highway Administration and I just have one thing to say in response: "Oh puuulleeeeeeeeaaasseeee!!!"

They were clearly doing the job because they were catching drivers' attention.

"They’re corny, but I’ve read them. The fact that I read them means they are effective," said one New Jersey driver according to NBCPhiladelphia.com.

I thought maybe one of the concerns is that these signs take peoples' eyes off the road.

But again, that doesn't make sense.

These are not the only signs we read while driving. The same billboards are used for exit markers, construction site warnings and upcoming traffic.

Turns out, that isn't the reason. Here is why the feds had such an issue:

"The messages rely on hidden meanings or cultural knowledge to understand, thus tend to diminish respect because of its tone and similarity to advertising."

I am going to have to disagree.

If there was talk about Taylor Ham, benny's, jug handles, boardwalks or paying for beach entry, maybe I would understand.

But the last time I checked, all cars have blinkers.

Last time I checked, "being baked" referring to your mental state of mind after using marijuana is a universal term.

Plus, just about everyone I know has a smartphone which means they have apps.


What bull.

Here's what our signs should read: "We're legally not allowed to have fun." Lame!

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