Shelling as I call it or beachcombing is so popular here at the Jersey Shore and around the world.

Walking along the beach and looking for the beautiful shells is one of the most relaxing things you can do besides just sitting on the beach with the sands in between your toes. Sure, you might want to just sit there. But, many of you love to walk the beach.

We have some really cool shells along our beaches. Grab your sand bucket and try it. The family can do it together, take them home, wash them, and you can even make a game out of it. I like to call it the "shell game"...we look for the one that has the most colorful, the biggest, and the smallest. Something just like that, make up your own rules.

6 Sea Shells You'll Find at the Jersey Shore

Shelling is so much fun. I've found Lavallette, Seaside Park, and Bayhead to have some beauties.

Take the kids, see something shiny, it' might be something great. Have fun shelling. Let me know if you find any great ones.

Sometimes after a storm along the coast here in New Jersey is the best time to find some pretty shells.

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