Breakwater Beach and Casino Pier on a summer day.

Yesterday was one of those picture perfect summer days -- 85 and sunny, with low humidity and a slight breeze.

So my son and I, along with some of our friends, decided to take some time to walk the boardwalk in Seaside.

Music Express ride
(photo by liz jeressi)

We had the usual great Jersey Shore must-haves -- pizza and ice cream, did some rides on the pier, hung out in an arcade, and enjoyed walking up and down the whole boardwalk and seeing how far it's come since the hurricane and fire. It's looking really great, although we were disappointed that the Go Carts were closed. Wish they had chosen to renovate that BEFORE the summer.

And then we headed over to Breakwater Beach Water Park and enjoyed watching our listeners and their families having such an amazing evening out. If you have never been to Breakwater Beach, you and your kids will LOVE it! Thanks to everyone who came out for our Listener Appreciation was awesome getting to see you all!


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