A family in Oakhurst is worried about a potential threat at their home.

For the past few weeks a stranger has been leaving notes and 'gifts' at a family's home. There are love notes, flowers, and other little objects being placed in and around the mailbox (which is right on their front porch)... including a marriage proposal.

The notes aren't addressed to a specific name, so the family is worried that they don't even know who (IF) anyone particular that lives there is being stalked. The notes appear to be written by an older man, but his name is not legible. The delivery of these items and notes is random and has happened both during the daylight hours and at night, when the people that live there are home and out.

During one incident, the mom of the family heard her dog barking and opened the front door to see an older man (who looked a bit like he could have played Santa in a mall) fast-walking away from her home. She called out to him but he ran away.

What worries this family is that there are children and a young woman living in the home, which is in a pretty populated neighborhood, but no other neighbors have seen anything. The family wonders if they are being specifically targeted because the mom or young woman has been followed by someone who could become dangerous.

They have reported the incidents to the police and are now at the point where they will have to put out money for some kind of surveillance camera.

Has anything like this ever happened in your neighborhood? Do you have any suggestions for this family?

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