There's a lot of history that your children can learn right in Monmouth County, and Allaire Village has some very cool events coming up.

On Sunday, June 24th at 1:00 & 2:30pm, join the Villagers for a day of 19th-century school! Children of all ages (and curious adults) will get a taste of what it was like to atttend school in the year 1836 at the Village's Carriage House. Two separate 45-minute sessions will be conducted.

And after the lesson, children are invited to participate in an 1836 recess! From Noon - 4pm the shops, trades buildings, and homes will be open to visitors. It's a day of fun and learning for the entire family without having to drive to Trenton or wait for a class trip to Gettysburg.

There are also some other great events at Allaire Village coming up, including a Civil War Encampment on June 2 - 3 where you can meet the soldiers and see artillery demonstrations, battalion drills, musket cleaning, and even witness a farewell at the train station as troops leave for the front!

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