You know those spammy e-mails telling you about how you've won a huge cash settlement?

You may have recently ignored one from Facebook, thinking it was fake...but they could really owe you money!

Is it millions? No. It's barely enough to buy lunch, to be honest, but hey, who would turn down a free lunch?

So what's the deal?

There was a class action lawsuit stemming from the fact that Facebook used user names and faces without permission to advertise products in 'sponsored stories.'

As part of a preliminary settlement, Facebook will pay $20 million dollars, which when divided among the affected up to $10. (They've also agreed to let users decide how names and likenesses are used.)

So, how can you cash in?

Tracy O., Flickr

Well, according to Huffington Post, all it takes is 9 not-so-easy steps.

It starts by finding that original spammy-looking e-mail from Facebook, with the subject line: 'Re: LEGAL NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF CLASS ACTION.' You'll need information in that e-mail to get the money.

Once you find the e-mail, go to and fill out a claim, including your contact information. You will also have to include your Facebook user ID, e-mail address, name that's on your Facebook account, and class member number (found in that e-mail from Facebook.)

You will also be asked to provide banking information to receive the payment, or you can opt to receive it in other ways, like by check. (I'd go with the check option...I don't trust many sites with banking info!)

You read the claim, and if you agree, you submit, then just wait for your money.

If you have the time and patience to go through all that, then more power to you...that amount of work is probably worth (up to) $10.

I'd be willing to bet most people wouldn't put claims in...meaning Zuck wins again!

Would you go through this process to get the money? Tell us in the comment section below!

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