A study done a couple of years ago confirms what men and women have known since the first Valentine's Day. We just couldn't be more different.

According to an article at usatoday.com, woman are much more likely to love Valentine's Day while men are more likely to hate it. I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you to sit down before that bombshell.

When it comes to gifts, women go for the sentimental items with meaning, like jewelry (35%). About a quarter of the women would love flowers, and 10% want a really nice card. The list for men is slightly different.

I'm going to remember to tell you this time. You may want to sit down for this one. The gift 44% of the guys want for Valentine's Day is...well...I think you know. It's the same thing they always want. While love making tops the list, the romance from the guys doesn't end there.

For a guy, the second gift on the list is such a great expression of love and togetherness. 14% of these romantic devils say they would love a ....video game. Girls, I ask you...how could you live without us? Aren't we just everything you've ever dreamed of? I think I speak for all men when I say to all the girls out there...you're welcome.

And before you pack your bags girls, hoping to find romance away from the Garden State, the survey covered over 1000 people in 49 states, so it looks like the tenderness, affection and romance of men is the same wherever you go. The article doesn't say which state was not represented.



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