We have spent a lot of time preparing for Valentine's Day this week on the morning show and one thing we have learned is that Jersey Shore girls have plenty to say.

So we combined the comments from the morning show, surveys we've done around the Shore and polls that we've taken to come up with a guide for the guys as they prepare for their annual last minute Valentine's Day shopping.

And by guide, we mean here's what not to do...here's what the Jersey Shore girls had to say...

Valentine's recipe - add a dash of thought ...Good news - It's easy to grab something, pay for it and throw it in a gift bag. Bad news - It's easy to tell you grabbed something, paid for it and threw it in a gift bag. The girls want to feel loved and special. Valentine's Day gifts shouldn't be treated like a chore! Don't mail it in.

Go away lingerie...Come on girls, let's all say it at once..."it's a gift for him". First of all guys, the girls want to choose lingerie themselves, and when it comes to this holiday, they're looking for a little romance! In case that word confuses you a little guys, romance is to court or woo romantically; treat with ardor or chivalrousness, according to dictionary.com. Don't just get lingerie.

Act like you know her...When you're deciding on a gift guys, remember who she is, what she likes, and great moments you've had together. Let her know the love you share means as much to you as it does to her. In  other words, do the opposite of what most guys do. Don't be predictable.    

There you go guys. The girls of the Jersey Shore have spoken, and one thing we know about Jersey Shore girls...when they talk, we better listen!







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