Does your marriage show the signs that it will last forever? Experts have put a list of indications that your relationship may be a life long one.

First of all, the experts say that if you're in a forever relationship, your spouse will be the first one you want to tell news to. Partners in these type of relationships consider each other best friends, so when something funny or important happens, they want to share it with each other, according to

Another good sign is how you handle conflict. Experts say we all know how to press each others buttons, but if we handle the conflict rather than hold it in and explode at a later date we are doing something that strengthens the relationship.

And having a lot of history together continues to strengthen the bond. Just the knowledge that you've been through it all, including the ups and downs, gives a couple the confidence to know they can handle any obstacles ahead.

Another sign you're relationship is a solid, long lasting one is that you don't get complacent and you make routine things like hanging out in the backyard or taking a long drive fun. Experts say complacency can be very dangerous.

Here's to hoping your marriage is a life long one!


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