Governor Christie talked a lot about his weight during his visit with David Letterman. He has a good sense of humor about it and makes a lot of jokes at his own expense. He also says he's in good health. But, let's say he runs for president. Would his weight affect your vote?

I wonder how many votes his weight would actually change. If you're a fan of his, you may worry about his weight and his health, but would it really lead to you going into the voting booth and pressing a button with someone else's name on it?

If you're not a Christie person, you probably wouldn't be voting for him anyway, so that leaves those who are undecided. I guess someone who worries about his health might be affected to give someone else their vote.

Outside of the health issue though, have we gotten to a point in our country where, if someone doesn't look like they're right out of Hollywood, then they can't be a good leader? I hope not. In my opinion, "Hollywooding" the presidency might not be the best of ideas, especially these days. With all the real problems we face, I sure hope we're voting for the best person for the job, period.