Back in May of this year, Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson announced that they would be getting rid of their annual meal plan.

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Those who signed up would get two meals per day, one snack and unlimited drinks for just $200 per year. When numbers were crunched, it turns out it was costing the public approximately $.50 per meal.

Six Flags sign
Six Flags sign (Dennis Symons,

On top of those taking advantage of the system -- which went viral on TikTok -- this meal plan inundated the park with young teenagers looking for a cheap meal.

The park's CEO said he wasn't a fan of the park, "turning into a day care center for teenagers," according to

Food lines were astronomical. Cleaners were having trouble with the intense upkeep.

There didn't seem to be any downsides to getting rid of this meal plan.

According to, Six Flags Great Adventure saw park attendance dip by nearly 2,000,000 customers.

six flags great adventure
six flags great adventure

Because of these shocking numbers, Six Flags announced they will be bringing back the meal plan but with a twist.

The membership will definitely be more expensive than $200 per year. No specific price points have been released just yet.

This is the major twist according to the amount of food users can get with the meal plan will be limited.

“We need to…make sure that people are not abusing the system,” said CEO Selim Bassoul according to “And we're putting together this technology…[where] you cannot come in and…take a bite of a burger and say, okay, I'm going to go get a hot dog and take a bite of hot dog, then I throw the hot dog away. So, we have no technology to be able to limit the waste. And now we're putting all this in place.”


Will Six Flag's new meal plan be as big of a steal moving forward? I would guess no.
Photo by: Six Flags
Photo by: Six Flags

But would they still make it financially worth it for regular park visitors? I hope so being that it is the whole point of the meal plan.

Do you think you will sign up for the new meal plan? What is the absolute MOST you would pay for this annual meal pass?
Email me your thoughts to!

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