Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images for WE TV

Snooki is back and the controversy didn't take long to follow. Some folks on Pelican Island think it might be too much distraction to film the show there. Snooki apparently doesn't.

I remember how choked up Snooki was when she saw the Sandy devastation for the first time, and she was a big part of raising a lot of money to help Sandy victims up and down the Jersey Shore, and that was great.

But I have also spoke with many, many people who lost a lot to Sandy. A lot of good people who did nothing to deserve the devastation that they endured. These people, many of whom haven't even come close to getting back into their home yet.

So here's my message to Snooki. It's a little hard to hear you tell people whose nerves are frazzled, patience is fading and hearts are broken to get over themselves. Maybe, just maybe, these people put the rebuilding of their home and life ahead of a TV show.



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