Lots of us are home more and cooking more and freezing food more, but some foods shouldn't ever be frozen.

The people at Delish have come up with a list of foods that should never be frozen and here are some of the foods you shouldn't freeze that may surprise you...

Cooked pasta. It will be a mushy mess when it thaws.

Coffee. you'll ruin it, and it'll pick up that freezer smell.

Fried foods. You put them in crispy but they wind up a another mushy mess.

Eggs. If you grabbed a bunch at the store, keep them out of the freezer. Potential for bacteria growth.

Thawed meat. Bacteria could grow, so once it's thawed the first time, eat it...or toss it.

We're all trying to save stuff and limit our trips to the grocery store these days, but let's do it right. There are 35 other foods you shouldn't freeze at Delish, so check out their advice before you decide to freeze things.

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