The game was amazing, the halftime show was terrific, and the commercials were great, but some of my favorite Super Bowl moments were the Jersey moments in a couple of commercials.

There was no shortage of funny, creative commercials during this year's Super Bowl. Two great ones involved actors from the Garden State, who both did their best to make us hungry.

Danny DeVito, the red M&M. In a brilliant casting movie, the Jersey Shore's own Danny DeVito played the red M&M in an early game spot. Look both ways Danny!

Peter Dinklage, the Doritos Blaze commercial. If you watch Game of Thrones, you know there are times you better listen to Peter Dinklage or else. The Morristown native starred in a Doritos commercial that was pretty awesome.

So several players had New Jersey roots, and some of the top commercials couldn't have been done with out the Garden State, so there's a reason to be Super Bowl proud, despite the fact the Giants and Jets were golfing somewhere.

Speaking of the Giants, did you catch the NFL Dirty Dancing promo with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr.? Pretty hysterical!


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