I don’t know what happened and when it happened, but I have noticed this season that candy corn is getting nothing but negative publicity.

Before we just turn our backs on this less than perfect Halloween treat, let’s at least take a couple of minutes to learn something about it.

Now, you don’t have to love candy corn, but at least respect this candy that has been around for a reported 140 years. The candy was apparently created by a worker for the Wunderler Candy Company and then the company that is now Jelly Belly started producing it at the turn of the 20th Century.

So, even after all the years that it’s been around, there is still some controversy on how to eat the little Halloween treats.

According to Always a Treat, 65% of Americans say that you should pop the whole candy corn in your mouth at once, leaving about a third of your fellow countrymen and countrywomen biting the tiny candy.

And even they can’t agree on a single style. 29% say you should start by biting the small end while the remaining 6% begin by nibbling at the wise end.

There would certainly be this much controversy for a candy that doesn’t still have a place in our Halloween plans. I’m not saying it’s my favorite either, and I’m not saying drop the peanut butter cup to grab one. I’m just saying we should agree to disagree without trying to wipe the candy corn out of Halloween.

Can we all agree on that? Every once in a while I'm in the mood for some waxy candy.

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