There were neighbors sharing generators, sharing food, making gas and food runs. There were neighbors helping clear downed trees and damged homes. There were neighbors checking in elderly neighbors. Even though Thanksgiving is a little behind us, there is still plenty of time to be thankful for good neighbors.

Superstorm Sandy brought a lot of bad. No one needs to tell you that. But it wouldn't be right if we didn't acknowledge some of the good that came out of it. Many of us are closer to our neighbors and friends than ever before after going through the past three weeks of them having our backs and us having their's.

Having good neighbors is an absolute blessing. It's unfortunate that they don't consider neighbors when calculating the value of homes. If they did, some of us would have the most valuable real estate in the state.

So, a big thank you to the good neighbors out there for making life around the neighborhood so much better.

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