"This Is Your Brain on Shamrocks" plus a new TV show and 2 Off-Broadway plays? This amazingly talented Jersey Shore guy is constantly entertaining us!

Mike Farragher, is best known for the wildly popular book "This Is Your Brain on Shamrocks," a series of personal essays about growing up Irish, Catholic, and guilty in New Jersey. At book readings and signings, Mike would frequently drop the Irish accent of his parents and fans would tell him to PLEASE make an audio book! So he has, and that comes out today!

Then, ripped from the pages of 'This is Your Brain on Shamrocks', Mike decided to pen a TV show. It's called "McLean Avenue", and I had the opportunity to see the pilot last night!  (It's currently being shopped around to Netflix, Amazon, and Hollywood!) I fell in love with the endearing characters (excellent casting!) and laughed at scenes the likes of which I have never seen portrayed on TV before!

The story is centered on Sean McCabe, who was once a world-renowned singer but loses his job with the group he sang with and has to move back in with his Irish-accented mother, Peg, in N.Y. Comedy ensues when Sean tells his mom that she should start dating again and her priest concurs, even offering to write her dating profile! (P.S...the priest is HOT!) Meanwhile, Peg is constantly bombarding Sean with Irish guilt with one funny quip after the next in her Irish brogue.

You can catch your first glimpse of the trailer RIGHT HERE!

If you'd like to meet Mike Farragher, he is appearing at Booktowne in Manasquan this evening (3/15/19) for a book reading/signing of his latest title "9 Rooms in Ballyglunin", a collection of short works of fiction set in a B&B in the rural west of Ireland. (He got the idea when an Irish innkeeper told him she has met so many interesting characters through Airbnb bookings!)

A lot of Mike's stories are based on scenarios from his own life. Between that, headline news, and watching friends around him dealing with crumbling marriages, there are plenty of unique scenes in this newest book of his to keep you turning the pages.

Mike has some advice for aspiring writers...especially for those who think it would be impossible to write a book. Mike says to think of it like this: "50,000 words is a 200 page book. 50,000 divided by 365 days in a year = 136 worlds a day. Do that for a year and you have your book!"

On a side note, I went to college (Monmouth University) with Mike and couldn't be prouder to know of his success. Talented, down to earth, funny and a great husband and father, I love knowing that people like this represent the Jersey Shore!


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