UPDATE: New information on financial help in New Jersey has been posted since we published this article. Keep scrolling for updated details as of 5/13/22! 

Life is rough right now.

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Between record-high gas prices and inflation reaching 40% higher than this time last year, no one has any money anywhere.

That may be a bit dramatic but everyone I talk to is penny pinching to make up for the more expensive prices.


People are HUNGRY for money in a way I have never seen before. It is no longer about being able to afford that luxury vacation or the new Gucci.

It is about being able to afford the necessities.

However, it looks like help might be on the way.

Help Is On The Way Dear Mrs Doubtfire GIF - Help Is On The Way Dear Mrs  Doubtfire Robin Williams - Discover & Share GIFs

As much as I am sure you wish it were Mrs. Doubtfire, the solution actually being proposed is a bit better.

According to Fatherly.com, another stimulus check could be on the way!

Thank goodness because on top of higher prices, people's salaries have not been increased at the same rate to go with it.

Form 1040 U.S. Individual Income tax return next to the Stimulus Check Relief program. Close up view.
Evgenia Parajanian

We have exhausted the federal financial stimulus so now, each individual state us being left to help their residents.

As of now, eleven states have put together proposals to offer residents financial assistance when people probably need it most.

U.S. Federal Stimulus Check. (Ocean County Government)
U.S. Federal Stimulus Check. (Ocean County Government)

Some of these proposals have been given the green light, others are still being reviewed.

Is New Jersey on the list? Is more financial relief coming to the Garden State?

Let's find out

These 11 States Might Be Getting Another Stimulus In 2022; Is NJ Included?

Times are tough between gas prices and inflation. Eleven states across the country might be sending out another $850 check....is New Jersey included?

New Jersey's new offerings honestly aren't much and have me feeling a bit disappointed and abandoned. Everyone in New Jersey is kind of being left to defend themselves.

I appreciate the expansion but what about the rest of us?

I used to think that $20.00 was a lot of money. (Years ago...)

Photo by @alexandermilson Unsplash
Photo by @alexandermilson Unsplash

Not that it isn't appreciated when I do have it but that number just doesn't cover what it used to.

Can we get another stimulus check or something?

I feel like everyone you talk to is having a harder time to make ends meet. Unfortunately, the only direct way to help that situation is by sending cash.


Sad but true.

Hopefully I will soon have another, more positive update on a stimulus check for New Jersey....hopefully....

Okay, now let's talk about New Jersey with a bit more zest and positivity:

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