I would like to think the worst of the COVID-19 Pandemic is over and yet, the public is calling for a 4th stimulus check to be sent out.

According to NJ.com, there is a petition that was created calling for a $2,000 4th stimulus check that has over 3,000,000 signatures! The hashtags that accompany this post are #covid19 and #moneyforthepeople.

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I get it, people need the cash but what I am about to suggest is probably going to be an unpopular opinion.

I could 1000% use an extra two grand, no doubt!

But the government sending everyone stimulus checks and an additional $300 of unemployment per week is holding back the world from reopening completely.

Because let's be real, the side effects of the pandemic are still very much present.

I am not trying to overlook the fact that people are hurting financially. Business owners across the board and employees in various industries like restaurants and retail bottomed out during 2020.

But these stimulus checks were there to help people keep their heads above water, not survive on a long-term basis.

There are labor shortages everywhere and it is not difficult to see why. People are making more money at home then getting up and going to work.

So here is what we should send out in the place of a fourth stimulus check: a thank you check to all of our essential workers.

There are is a large population of people that had to get up and go to work throughout the entire pandemic despite the high risk it posed for themselves and the people who they lived with.

I saw signs all over New Jersey that read: "Honk for our Heroes" which is great. But do you know what is even better, giving this exquisite group of people a bonus that they earned tenfold.

This should include anyone who worked in hospitals or the medical field in general, sanitation, grocery stores, law enforcement, members of the media (because how else would you get the updates), delivery drivers and any other essential worker that I may be missing in this list.

If it were up to me, all of these employees should get the full $2,000. Period. No questions asked. End of story.

But if money is limited -- which it always is --  then those who had to work straight through the pandemic but could do so remotely would get $1,000....just for hearsay.

Do you understand what I am saying?

I imagine the essential workers that hustled all through 2020 and in 2021 appreciate our "Thank You's!"

But you know what the biggest thank you is? A big fat bonus check going right in their pocket so they can use it for their families and well being.

And if you disagree, then to me you sound ungrateful for the sacrifices they made.

Can I get a BOOYA if you agree?

As always.....notes and comments can be sent to Nicole.Murray@townsquremedia.com.

Thanks all and take a look at NJ.com to see the article that started this idea.

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