First I saw the fence around the 'old' location and panicked because it looked like my favorite place for homemade Italian Ices had closed.

I never thought to look across the street...but that's where Strollo's Italian Ice in Belmar has moved!

Whew! BIG sigh of relief!!!

This summer, you can still enjoy your Strollo's ices and watch the drawbridge go up and down. But this time it's on the opposite corner, on Main Street in the bright yellow building next to Klein's restaurant on the other side of the street!

(Here's the new location, photo by Liz Jeressi)

So why did it move? Construction is beginning soon on the "Fifth Avenue Flats" on Main Street, so Strollo's has to relocate, at least for this summer.

I don't know if they opened this weekend or if we'll have to wait a little longer, but, as I have always said, when looking for good eats, go where the lines are the longest...and Strollo's wins every time! It is truly worth the wait! I am just so glad they found another location in the same area!

Don't mistake the other Strollo's Lighthouse locations for THIS particular Belmar Strollo's. Their ices do NOT taste the same, if you ask me.

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

P.S. My favorite ice combo, HANDS DOWN, is their peanut butter ice covered in hot fudge. It is so delicious that I can barely wait to get there! Benj loves the lemon, and Christopher is a fan of mixing two or three different flavors in a cup because it's too hard to choose just one!