Alright, listen. We know that we have some pretty weird phrases that we use on the daily here in Jersey. For example, there's a huge chunk of the country that has no idea what a 'Wawa' is, however, it's a place that's so cherished here in the Garden State that we can't help but gasp when we meet someone who's never heard of it.

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It's like New Jersey has its own language. If you're looking at the state as a whole, it's a mixture of Philly, New York, and a little bit of Alabama. That, in a nutshell, is the Jersey accent. Phrases like "$20 regular cash," "Jeetyet," and "shoobie" are specific to those of us born and raised here.

Sure, New Jersey's got an interesting way of speaking, but certain words and phrases in the English language just AREN'T to be messed with, not even by those of us who reside here in NJ. Case in point: any words pertaining to the holiday meal. Sure, we say things like "Wawa," "pork roll," and even "gravy" when talking about tomato sauce with meat in it. When it comes to the Thanksgiving feast, however, I'd like to think we keep it pretty traditional around here.

My friend shared something on Facebook recently that had me really scratching my head regarding one of Thanksgiving dinner's most important side dishes. Did you know that in some parts of the country, people call stuffing "dressing?" Someone please explain to me why you'd call it "dressing." Dressing is what goes on a salad. Dressing is what you dip your wings in. Dressing is not the fluffy breading that gets STUFFED into the turkey!

Apparently, you're supposed to call it "dressing" if you're not actually stuffing it into the turkey. If you make it in a pan, it's dressing. Who knew?

So, what do you think?


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