Super Bowl Sunday can mean many things for other people.... a day of football, beer, and some good old competition.

Well for me....I am there for some FOOD!

But people tend to bring large quantities leaving the host with quite the pile of leftovers. But not to worry because those leftovers do not need to go to waste.

Take a look below for some creative ideas.

Spinach And Artichoke Dip Pasta - Turn what once was a warm dip into a hardy and homey dinner. You can also add tomatoes, chicken (see buffalo wings), steak, or even shrimp!

Buffalo Wings - So many different types of sauces and therefore that many more recipes. The leftover wings can be turned into buffalo dip, buffalo pasta, buffalo you see where I am going with this?

Avocado and Quale Salad - Feeling a little guilty about yesterday's indulgences? Well take that leftover guacamole and add it to some kale and tomatoes for a nice, healthy salad. Plus, no need for a dressing because the avocado adds all the flavor you need.

Pot Roast - Leftover beer? (Yea right!) Well use the leftover case as a base for a hearty, rich, and filling pot roast!

Tater Tot Waffles - Use those leftover tater tots for a breakfast that is able to kill off that hangover! You will be surprised how delicious tater tots can be in the morning.

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