It doesn't take much to get Jersey Shore residents talking about the things their co-workers do that drive them crazy.

We found that out as we compiled our list of the biggest pet peeves Jersey Shore workers have about their co-workers. And there was no shortage of answers. Here are the three most popular answers we got.

(3) Boss' pet. Sucking up to the boss is rampant everywhere. There are few things that bother local workers more than a co-worker, dropping everything and putting on the fake face of hard work and intensity when the boss shows up.

(2) It wasn't me. The second most (or least depending on how you look at it) popular answer was that co-worker who never does anything wrong and is quick to blame someone else.

(3) Work whisperer. We all know at least one co-worker like this. He or she is the one who always has something negative to say about whoever isn't in the room at the time, and this co-worker rarely speaks above a whisper.

These, of course, were not the only responses. Jersey Shore workers also mentioned bad bathroom hygiene, messy cubicles, procrastinators and of course the worker who always come in late and leaves early

In fairness, most of the people we talked to said they really like their co-workers despite a pet peeve or two, so apparently it's all good at office around the Jersey Shore. By the way, no one we spoke to admitted to doing any of the things they mentioned as pet peeves.

Sounds like the Parkway. Lots of bad things going on, but it was never us that did them, right?

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