This is going to be a disaster. The other night I was casually walking out of Bubbakoo's Burritos, and the next thing you know I was dodging traffic trying not to drop my order of buffalo cauliflower. One of the drivers who created the problem acted like nothing even happened too. The dude was completely delusional!

If you are a local, you know what madness the "Jersey Strong" parking lot is. Unfortunately, it reminds me how asinine things are going to be next door in the new Target parking lot...

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The new Target on Rt. 35 was going to be opening on Sunday, May 15th. Now the opening date is undetermined. I know a ton of people who are excited, but other than the store supporting local surrounding businesses, I really could care less.

The traffic on Rt. 35 is already absurd and the chaos in the parking lot will give you unnecessary headaches. I mean goodness gracious; this place is already giving me agita and it's not even open yet!

My Irish friends reading this are probably thinking, "What the hell is agita?" For those who don't know, agita is Italian-American slang for heartburn but it can also mean mental aggravation. You can spell it agita or agida, so please don't rip me a new one in the comment sections. LOL!

I remember parking in this lot when Kmart stood strong and proud. Those were the days! I truly believe the parking lot is not big enough for a new Target. I feel like the Target in Ocean Township has a parking lot that is triple the size than the one in Wall. I don't know, am I losing my mind?!

Am I overreacting? Do you agree or disagree? I would love to know your opinion. COMMENT & SHARE! Summer madness is coming, please drive safe!

P.S. - If you like buffalo cauliflower, the ones made at Bubbakkoo's are top notch.

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