As the mom of teen boys, I know I am in for several changes. But does it mean I'm ready? No. Yesterday my son decided to finally cut his hair, which has been long since at least second grade.

If it wasn't for the level of trust we have with our amazing hair stylist, Rachel Houli from Styling Co. in Belmar, I don't know if Benj would have ever been as confident to walk in and ask to have it all cut off.

Benj with Rachel from Styling Co., photo by Liz Jeressi

But he knew she could do for him exactly as requested...and one of the photos he showed her was of 'Jughead' on Riverdale.

So I dropped him at the salon and left to get coffee. When I got back, there was a very grown-up person standing there that used to look like my little boy.


Benj and Rachel from Styling Co in Belmar, photo by Liz Jeressi

Although I hate change, I know it is the one thing we are guaranteed.

So I am happy for him but I just wish he would stop growing up so fast. (It doesn't help that he's almost six feet tall either.)

A HUGE thank you to Rachel at Styling Co. For years I have watched every hot guy from Monmouth County go to her for their haircuts and now I know why. She is just such a talented, cool, awesome, and trustworthy person and trust is ultra important when you are putting your 'signature look' in someone's hands.

Haircut by Rachel Houli from Styling Co in Belmar, photo by Liz Jeressi

So why did he do it? Several reasons, including:1. he really, really wants to work in a coffee shop as a barista and refuses to wear a man bun (LOL),  2. He sort of wanted to shock his friends who didn't believe he'd really ever go through with it, and 3. He thinks his beanie looks better with short hair (LOLOLOL!), and 4. He was just basically getting bored with his hair and wanted a change so that he could satisfy his curiosity about having short hair. And he loves it.

P.S. After 85,000 votes in a Point poll, Ariana from this very same salon won the title of The Jersey Shore's Favorite Hairstylist!

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)