I know what you're thinking. How did you decide which eateries are "the best?" The answer is simple. I didn't. You did! 

According to reviews on Yelp, these are the best places to chow down in Middletown.

5. Meemom's Kitchen - 1383 Rt. 35

That my friend is buffalo short rib mac & cheese with blue cheese. A beautiful thing.

4.Matata Asian Cuisine - 655 Rt. 35

Sushi pizza!

3. Haldi Chowk - 1409 Rt. 35 North

Authentic Indian cuisine.

2. Sono Sushi - 1098 Rt 35 South

A work of art!

1. Duck Donuts - 1275 Rt. 35

The number one rated eatery in Middletown is actually a donut shop! But, it's not just any donut shop. It's Duck.

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