Summer is on our mind, and now we know which boardwalk food is the favorite of New Jersey residents.

Just the thought of a warm summer day at a Jersey Shore boardwalk and beach is enough to put a huge smile on our faces.

New Jersey's Favorite Boardwalk Food

Add into that scenario some amazing boardwalk food, and the dream day is complete. But, which boardwalk food is our favorite?

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We have a lot of great choices at our boardwalks, with everything from sausage and pepper to pizza to zeppole, and let's not forget fries and ice cream.

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So, which boardwalk food is the one more New Jersey residents voted for than any other? That's what we asked you on social media, and we have the results.

Pizza Is Not Garden State Residents' Top Boardwalk Food

This vote was closer than we thought it would be, and frankly, we always think pizza is going to win in every New Jersey poll.

Spoiler alert, pizza was not the winner. So, what is New Jersey's top boardwalk food? You told us it's sausage and pepper.

Some of you add the onions, and some of you don't, but either way, nothing seems to beat a nice sausage and pepper sandwich on a great New Jersey boardwalk.

Of course, we got a ton of votes for pizza, funnel cakes, and Kohr's Frozen Custard, but no boardwalk food got more votes than the beloved sausage and pepper sandwich. You can add the onions to your liking.

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