When it's this cold, there's nothing better than curling up with a big bowl of belly-warming soup.

Lucky for us, there are lots of options sure to tickle your tastebuds!

Bowl of squash soup
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    Minestrone - Joe Leone's

    Joe Leone is one of those guys that just 'gets' food. Whether you stop into the Sea Girt or Pt. Pleasant location, scope out what soups are available. They're pretty much all good, but the minestrone is my fave!

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    Lobster Bisque - Cuzin's Clam Bar

    If you haven't gone to this Marlboro restaurant yet, well, you must. It's amazing. You'll DEFINITELY want to make a reservation, and they book up quick, but the lobster bisque might be my favorite ever, and that includes my various trips to New England! It's got lots of giant chunks of lobster meat sitting in a fabulously tasty, creamy bath of love. For real. Go.

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    Italian Wedding - That Hot Dog Place/Soupmeister

    It's very possible you've walked past the Soupmeister in Red Bank and never even knew it was there. It's located in the little alleyway next to the Dublin House in Red Bank, and while I'd highly recommend the Italian Wedding or Spicy Sausage soups, you seriously can't go wrong with any of them!

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    Clam Chowder - Keyport Fishery

    I'm partial to the Manhattan (red), while Duzzy always goes for the New England (white), but either way, you have to try to the clam chowder at Keyport Fishery! It's TOTALLY worth the wait!

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    French Onion - Char

    If Duzzy sees French Onion soup on the menu, it's basically guaranteed he's going to order it, which means, naturally I've tried it at just about every restaurant that offers it. He says his favorite comes from Char in Red Bank...and I'm inclined to agree!

  • 6

    Pea Soup - The Pour House

    I find pea soup to be incredibly comforting, but it can be incredibly off-putting if not done right. Luckily, The Pour House in Shrewsbury knows what's up! If it's available when you go, don't miss it!

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