As we broadcast live from the boardwalk in Asbury Park, we are literally in the shadows of the legendary Convention Hall.

I often the amazing amount of history this gorgeous building has witnessed, and I always take the time to appreciate the awesome story behind this storied building. Here are just a few historical points about Asbury Park's Convention Hall.

The architects. The architects who designed the Convention Hall and Paramount Theatre complex (Warren & Wetmore) are the same one's who were the architects for New York's Grand Central Terminal.

The timing. The amazing and now historic structure was built between 1928 and 1930.

Army and Navy training. Part of Convention Hall's rich history is that it served as a training facility for the Army and Navy during World War II.

SS Morro Castle. The luxury cruise ship in the 1930's caught fire in September of 19,1934 and beached itself just outside Convention Hall. Southern Monmouth first responders helped rescue survivors, but 137 people died in the tragedy, according to the Asbury Park Historical Society website.

The history of Convention Hall  is really amazing to me, and I think about it each time I walk this legendary boardwalk and have the great fortune of broadcasting a radio show from here.

Learn more about Convention Hall's history at the NJ historic trust website.

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