We celebrate another Jersey Shore weekend with out live weekend kick-off from the Asbury Park Boardwalk.

We broadcast our show on Friday from basically the shadows of Convention Hall. That amazing building has always been one of my favorites, It's a gorgeous structure that has so much history.

Here are three things you might not know about Convention Hall...

The architects. The architects who designed the Convention Hall and Paramount Theatre complex (Warren & Wetmore) are the same one's who were the architects for New York's Grand Central Terminal.

Army and Navy training. Part of Convention Hall's rich history is that it served as a training facility for the Army and Navy during World War II.

SS Morro Castle. The luxury cruise ship in the 1930's caught fire in September of 19,1934 and beached itself just outside Convention Hall. Southern Monmouth first responders helped rescue survivors, but 137 people died in the tragedy, according to the Asbury Park Historical Society website.

There is so much rich history in this beautiful city that you can still see.

I often stand on the boardwalk looking at the Berkeley, Convention Hall and so many other buildings and imagine what it must have been like in the very spot I'm standing in 100 years ago.

And I also think of the history that we are all making today in his amazing place and imagine people years from now wondering what it might have been like on this boardwalk way back in 2020.
Don't miss a chance to visit Asbury Park this weekend and soak it all in. And remember, while you're here to support as many local businesses as you can!
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