Convention Hall and 94.3 The Point have stronger connection in the history books than you might think.

At one time, the AM radio station that would become WJLK, would split into an AM and FM station, and that FM station is what you now know as 94.3 The Point. Lets break it down step by step to see exactly how this would happen.

It was back in the late 1920's when a radio station known as WDWM in Newark moved to Asbury Park and changed it's name to WCAP for the "Wonder City of Asbury Park". In 1931, the station was moved once again so it could broadcast from the upper floor of Convention Hall.

The radio station continued broadcasting until 1944, when it was moved back to downtown Asbury Park by it's new owner, The Charms Candy Co.

The station split to both an AM and an FM station , and in the late 1940's, the Asbury Park Press purchased them, and WJLK, the station that we all know now and love now as 94.3 The Point, was born.

It is so amazing to think that the one of the most legendary buildings in the city of Asbury Park was once the home of the station that would become The Point, and that now, almost 100 years later, we are broadcasting our boardwalk shows in the shadows of Convention Hall, just a few hundred yards from the where those original radio shows took place.

Our link to Asbury Park is deep and steeped in history. It is a relationship we are so very proud of. So, just know that each time you hear 94.3 The Point live from the Asbury Park Boardwalk, it's a relationship a century in the making.

You can lots of great info on more radio history at the Radio History website.

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