The building is astounding to look at from the outside. it dominates the skyline of Asbury Park, with Convention Hall, The Stone Pony, The Wonder Bar, and The Berkley in its shadows. But did you ever wonder what the view looks like from inside this incredible building?

We did, and now you can see exactly what that view is from Unit 708 of the Asbury Ocean Club, and it is everything your imagination could think up, and more. Asbury Park has regained its place atop the Jersey Shore destinations list in the past few years, and as we all know, it just keeps getting more amazing.

So, who wouldn't want to live there? And frankly, the price of this unit isn't as high as I thought it would be. This could be all yours for a cool $1.28 million. I'm not going to lie. i looked at these pictures, and I immediately did two things.

I started daydreaming about living right in this spot, and then I got in my car, drove to the nearest 7-11, and bought some lottery tickets. You know, for the down payment. if I had the $1.28 million right now, this place wouldn't even be on the market anymore. And every morning show would be broadcast live from Asbury Park.

And for that cool sum of money, here are some of the amazing sights your widening eyes will see.

The Amazing View From The Asbury Ocean Club

By the way, if you've heard of some parking issues in Asbury Park, especially in the summer, don't worry. This split two-bedroom, two-bath place comes with a one-car garage.

Any more questions? We didn't think so. See you at 7-11!



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