Some people I talk to are hanging on to summer for dear life. People like me. But many others are really looking forward to the cooler fall weather and are ready to bring on the fall.

It's always an interesting debate, especially around the Jersey Shore, where summer can be both the best and most inconvenient time of the year if you live here. Plus throw in the crazy weather we've had to endure this summer, from the long heat wave to the ridiculous downpours to a tornado, you can understand how some may want to move on from Summer 2013.

You can count me among those who are hanging on. I didn't like the heat or the rain any more than anybody else, but that doesn't mean I'm ready to wear a jacket, rake leaves and say goodbye to my favorite season. Not to mention, there is something special about the Jersey Shore in the summer. Somehow I find myself looking past the traffic and the crowds and the humidity, and just counting my blessings to be at such a beautiful place.