It's National Oatmeal Cookie Day.

Oatmeal cookies, one of my favorites, are cinnamon-y, chewy, and delicious.

And what's the fastest way to ruin them?


I hate them. (Not 100% of the time, but more like 90% of the time.)

Grapes? Good. Shriveled old dried up grapes? NOT GOOD.

They taste funky, and the texture is just downright bizarre. Now dried cranberries? Perfectly acceptable.

You throw some raisins into an oatmeal cookie though, and you've immediately ruined it.

The best cookie by far? Oatmeal chocolate chip. (I highly recommend the Betty Crocker mix. Add butter and mix. Super easy. Even better: AMAZING COOKIES. Every time.)

What's your favorite kind of cookie? Share your comments (and recipes) below!