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Food poisoning is not limited to summer and you might be surprised by the foods more likely to cause food poisoning.

Among the top foods that are food poisoning culprits, according to msn.com, some are not necessarily surprising.  Pretty much everyone is carful with poultry, or at least they should be. The same thing goes with dairy, including eggs, and seafood and pork.

The ones that you should worry about are the ones you may not think of. The last time you had a salad, were you worried about food poisoning? Did it even cross your mind? Well it should have. According to the CDC, almost half of illness due to food come from produce, and most of that is in the form of leafy greens.

Experts say it's because many farmers use untreated water and since we often eat the greens uncooked, the risk is there. The best way to avoid the problem is to keep the leafy greens refrigerated and rinsing them with cold water before consumption. And they say if you buy pre washed spinach for example, don't wash them again because you may "introduce new contaminants".

It's probably a good bet that you didn't think of food poisoning last time you had a baked potato either. But whatever you do, you shouldn't discount clostridium botulinum. This spore grows in places where's there's no oxygen (like underground) and form "heat resistant spores". So remember when you're baking potatoes, especially in tin foil, you should remember not to leave baked potatoes wrapped in foil out at room temperature, and try to eat the potatoes within two hours of cooking, according to experts.

It seems like when it comes to eating, even healthy foods can pose a risk. Further proof that nothing, not even eating, is easy.

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