The baseball playoffs have begun and it has baseball on all of our minds. So we started wondering who the best New Jersey baseball players are.

As we checked out the list, it dawned on us that you may not even know some of the great players who were born in, or lived a substantial time in the Garden State, so let's check out some of them.

The obvious...

Derek Jeter...although he moved to Michigan at 4, he was born in the Garden State, and the captain needs no introduction.

Yogi Berra...a longtime resident of Montclair, and a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, the legendary Yankee (and former Mets manager) is beloved by all baseball fans.

Todd Frazier...the Toms River boy has been the star of the Little League World Series, and the Mets and Yankees, among others.

The not so obvious...

Al Leiter...also a Toms River guy, he also starred as a pitcher with the Yankees and Mets and is now a TV star at the MLB Network.

Mike Trout...he is widely considered the best  player in baseball today, but he doesn't get the headlines around here because he plays for the Angels, but this Millville native could be one of the best ever. H also holds the richest contract in MLB history.

There are so many other legends with NJ ties like Larry Doby, Phil Rizzuto, Don Newcombe, and the list goes on and on. (There's a great list at So picking the best ever is a tough task.

But a guy who won 10 championships, and was an MVP three times and was a true ambassador for the Yankees and baseball over the course of his incomparable career is going to get our nod.

We mean no disrespect to all the great players who were born in or lived in the Garden State, but we have to say we think Yogi Berra is the greatest baseball player from the Garden State.

And of course Derek Jeter is up there as a close second. It probably didn't hurt Yogi's case that I had a picture with him and didn't have one with Derek!

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