Did you buy your beach badge yet? Which beach? It's hard to spend all that money and be committed to just one Jersey Shore beach for the whole summer. What if you could buy a beach badge that covered several beaches?

Here's what happens. You buy one beach badge for one town and your friends and family buy badges for other towns. So, after spending your money on your badge, you either have to buy daily passes to those other beaches, or you don't get to hang with your family or friends. Isn't that ridiculous?

Wouldn't it be awesome if towns were able to pool their resources, equipment and staff together and use the money you pay for beach badges to pay for the maintenance of those beaches and you could use multiple beaches with your badge. Sort of a regional beach badge.

It gives you the versatility of more than one beach, and it gives the towns the money they need to run the beaches properly. And your family and friends will stop complaining that they never see you! Don't know if it's possible, but it sounds good, right?

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