Yesterday was a day when just about every Jersey Shore resident decided to get out of the house and do some shopping.

If anybody ever had the right to have cabin fever, it's the wonderful residents of the Jersey Shore after a brutal March and first half of April. I know the weather wasn't ideal yesterday, but at this point, we're not looking for ideal.

And yesterday must have been the day everyone at the Jersey Shore decided that it was the day to get some shopping done. It was the day to officially start spring.

Diane and I decided to head over to Dick's Sporting Goods in Lakewood to get a baseball glove for our grandson Jonathan a baseball glove. It turns out so did everyone else, but we'll get to that in a second.

First, let's talk about the parking lots. We drove by the Stop N' Shop lot on Bridge Ave in Point Pleasant. It's usually crowded on a Sunday afternoon, but yesterday there wasn't a parking spot to be had.

Fast forward to Route 70 in Brick. We passed the Home Depot and it looked liked every gardener at the Jersey Shore was in the garden center there. By the way, how great is it that the garden center is open, right?

I was wrong about every gardener being there though, because there also wasn't a spot to be had within 100 yards of the Lowes in Lakewood either. We saw that as we jughandled to get to Dick's.

We crossed 70 only to be greeted by bumper to bumper traffic right in front of the Christmas Tree Shoppe. I couldn't count, but I estimate there were a zillion cars coming across from the Costco parking lot, which was also at capacity.

Then we finally got a spot in front of Dick's and went in to find every parent in Monmouth & Ocean Counties in there along with their kids searching for soccer gear and baseball bats and everything else you could think of.

It's all good though, of course, since we all needed to get out and get spring started whether the weather cooperates or not.

By the way, Meteorologist Dan Zarrow says we won't break 50 degrees until at least Wednesday, so we'll have to continue the kickoff with out the help of the weather.

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