There are many difficult questions about New Jersey, and there are some questions  that should be pretty simple, like the state's favorite ice cream flavor, but even that seems complicated.

We have an amazing love affair with ice cream here at the Jersey Shore. We have our favorite ice cream shoppes, and we all have a distinct style when eating our ice cream.

For me, if it's a cone, that chocolate or strawberry ice cream has to be running down my arm and dripping off my elbow before I'm happy, and when the ice cream is no longer visible above the cone, I must bite the bottom of the cone and empty the cone from the bottom. But that's just me.

When it comes to our favorite flavor, I thought it would be basic. As I mentioned earlier, chocolate is mine, so any of the chocolate fudge, double chocolate, chocolate peanut butter or chocolate brownie would work for me.

But that's not our favorite, and neither is strawberry, vanilla or cookies & cream, at least not according to research done by The Daily Meal. They say the Garden State's favorite is mint chocolate chip.

Ok, so it does have chocolate in it, but to me it's not the same. I asked 10 random New Jersey residents what their favorite flavor was and none of them said mint chocolate chip. Now, I'm not trying to cause a controversy.

It's ice cream after all, and there's really no wrong answer, but for me you can put the chocolate in my dessert and keep the mint for my gum. But that's just me.

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