When it comes to celebrities, New Jersey has it's fair share. But when it comes to the most famous celebrity from the Garden State there can only be one.

So how do you go about naming the most famous New Jersey celebrity? Well, Best Life decided they would name a most famous celebrity from every state including New Jersey, and here's how they did it.

They used the following metrics to determine their choices...


Google search data

Social media presence

Box office hits where applicable

Based on those things, who do you think is the most famous celebrity in New Jersey. Here's a hint. This celebrity never had a hit with Born To Run or Bad Medicine. Here's another hint. This person may have done it her way, but she never sang My Way in concert, as far as we know.

We also know these facts. She was not in Goodfellas,  and is not a member of the Jonas Brothers.

Here's what she is. This actress is considered by many to be the "premiere actress of her generation" and boasts 3 Academy Award wins and countless other awards and nominations over her extensive career.

By now you know the most famous New Jersey celebrity is Meryl Streep, according to Best Life, and that's a tough one to argue with, even in a state with two of the most recognizable rock stars on the planet.

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