When I hear a forecast that includes a storm, lately I'm  listening for wind speeds and high tides and evacuation information. Coastal flooding is on the top of all of our minds, and at least for a while, that's going to be the "new normal" here at the Jersey Shore.

We have this reputation here at the Shore that nothing worries us and we can shrug off just about anything , but I think most of us have put that trait on hold since Sandy. Nights like last night are a reminder that we're worried when it comes to weather and tides and coastal flooding. Of course we are. We don't have much of a choice right now. It's our new reality and our new normal.

We have every right to be nervous after all we've been through. I don't doubt for a minute that we'll regain that tough, nothing bothers us attitude before too long, but right now that toughness is reserved for rebuilding and getting our lives and the lives of our friends and family back to normal.

We're going to rise to the occasion and we all know it, because we're Jersey Strong, but for awhile we're going to be a little Jersey Nervous too.