A list of the best small towns to live in in America has been released and there is only one town representing New Jersey.

Here we go again with the recurring theme I always tell you about that the Jersey Shore area frequently gets snubbed on these national lists. Yes, one New Jersey state made the list, but it’s not as they say, from around here.

I can rattle off a dozen names of Jersey Shore towns that would fit perfectly into this category, and I think I will. It won’t be the complete list I could come up with. It will just be the first twelve, in no specific order that came to mind. Here we go.

Spring Lake, Red Bank, Manasquan, Toms River, Point Pleasant, Ocean Grove, Avon by the Sea, Wall, Brick, Sea Girt, Asbury Park, and Freehold. And that is right off the top of my head. I know Asbury Park is a city, but I’m allowing it!

So, since none of these amazing towns made the list, which one actually did? Stacker says Princeton is in the top 50. And that’s fine. They should make the list. But what about the rest? I guess we’ll never know.

Just to be clear, this wasn’t one of those ‘best in each state’ kind of lists. There certainly could have had multiple New Jersey towns on the list, there just weren’t. There were multiple towns from other states which made the list. At this point, it shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore.

But we know what we have here at the Jersey Shore, and if the rest of the country wants to keep it a secret, that's just fine with us. We'll enjoy it all by ourselves.

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