The weather this weekend doesn't need to be described. We all felt it all weekend long. Yet for something that didn't need description, it sure got talked about a lot this weekend.

Everywhere I went, that's all anybody wanted to talk about. You know the phrases, right? "Hot enough for ya" was a big one. So was "stay cool", an absolutely meaningless, impossible phrase but I'm not criticizing, I think I used it myself.
The one I really liked was "if I wanted to live in Florida, I would have moved there". I'm going to steal that one and use it all summer long.
Listen, I get it. We live in New Jersey, so we have a constitutional right to complain, and nobody does it better than we do.
So go ahead New Jersey, complain away! It WAS hot and we should be able to vent. And when it rains a few days in a row, we'll dig in and moan about that too. You bet we will.
We pay our high taxes, pay our high tolls and put up with all the Jersey jokes. So if we want to complain about a hot weekend all weekend long, we'll do it, and like it! If we didn't want to complain about the Jersey heat, we would have moved to Florida and complained about the heat there.