In another one of the great American holiday traditions, possibly second only to 92.7 WOBM's traditional role as Ocean County's Home for the Holidays, the folks over at Rockefeller Center announced that this year's Christmas tree will be arriving in New York City this weekend.

According to People, this year's tree is a Norway Spruce that will tower 75 feet over the midtown Manhattan landmark and hails from Oneonta, in Upstate New York.

Crews are working quickly to get the tree set up ahead of the December 2nd lighting ceremony, they spent the day yesterday (Thursday, November 12th) up at Daddy Al's General Store getting the huge tree ready for transport.

Thankfully for us, they got some really awesome drone footage of the operation:

As with most things this year, unfortunately there won't be a big event in Rockefeller Center that you can bring your family to for the tree lighting (if you've ever been to Rockefeller Center during the holiday season, you know that there is definitely no such thing as social distancing for many blocks around the area).

According to the official Rockefeller Center website, while you won't be able to attend the tree lighting in person with your family, there will be plenty to see on NBC on Wednesday, December 2nd as they officially light the tree.

As far as seeing the tree in person during the holiday season, Rockefeller Center officials said that, "...Details about how to visit the lit Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree will be announced in the coming weeks".

We'll be sure to keep you updated.

In the meantime, keep us with you wherever you go as we bring the joy of the holiday season across Ocean County!

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