Ever wondered where the safest towns in NJ are? You may be surprised by how many are in Monmouth and Ocean Counties!

Safewise.com, a security and safety website, compiled the list of the 50 safest citiesin the state, and only TWO were in our area: Manalapan (#36) and Marlboro (#41.) No town in Ocean County made the list.

Gordons Corner Rd. in Marlboro Twp.
Gordons Corner Rd. in Marlboro. (Google Maps Street View)

That said, this list only took into account towns with more than 10,000 people, which automatically excludes a good amount of shore towns. They used violent and property crime data from the FBI for each place, and calculated the chance of either happening out of 1000 people to come up with comparable rates of crime. (Towns that submitted incomplete crime data to the FBI were also excluded from this list.)

The good news is, across New Jersey, our crime rate is much lower than the national average!

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