According to a new report that monitors crime, here are the safest towns, by size, in our area. The results may surprise you.

AdvisorSmith analyzed towns throughout the state of New Jersey and has issued their report of the safest small, midsize, and large towns, cities, and municipalities in our state.

They used data from the FBI and weighed violent crimes in comparison to other crimes as they calculated their results. Some may surprise you. Here's what they found:

SAFEST NJ SMALL TOWNS: (number of residents being under 10,000)  Making the list from Monmouth County: Matawan comes in first place (overall for NJ!) and Fair Haven also makes the list, coming in fourth in the state.

SAFEST NJ LARGE TOWNS: (number of residents being over 50,000) Making the list from Monmouth County: Middletown comes in first place (overall for NJ) and Howell also makes the list, coming in fifth in our state.

Not one mid-sized town (with the number of residents being between 10,000 and 50,000 residents) from Monmouth County made the list of safest towns in NJ.

Coming in close to the top of the list just outside our Monmouth County borders in either direction were Old Bridge and Jackson in the category of safest large towns.

To see the Top Ten complete list of Safest Cities in NJ from small to large, CLICK HERE.

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